Alabama news site visits Tim Cook's Deep South roots

Tim Cook high school shot today published an interesting article about the life of Tim Cook growing up in Robertsdale, Ala., complete with charming anecdotes and the requisite assortment of embarrassing childhood photos.

The article speaks glowingly of Cook, explaining that the Apple CEO is the "pride and joy" of Robertsdale.

Growing up as the middle child in a family of three boys, Cook's studious nature was reportedly quite apparent early on. But more than just a bookworm, Cook was reportedly an equally outgoing and likeable fellow.

Teachers describe a friendly, diligent, long-limbed teenager who played trombone in the band and served on the yearbook staff.

"You didn't go around calling him a nerd," said Barbara Davis, who taught Cook math. "He was just the kind of person you liked to be around." She added, "He was a reliable kid. He was always meticulous with his work, so I knew it would be done right."

Illustrating Cook's penchant for pushing himself, the article recounts how Cook and class valedictorian Teresa Proschaska Huntsman were worried that they weren't "learning enough" in their chemistry class. Fearful that they would be ill-equipped to handle a college-level chemistry course without an adequate base of knowledge, the two took it upon themselves to see if they might be "placed in a tougher class."

The article isn't exactly a tell-all, but it certainly provides a little bit of insight into Tim Cook's upbringing and persona. It's well worth a read.

Some other Tim Cook high school trivia you might not be aware of -- Cook was voted "Most Studious" as both a freshman and a sophomore.

For a really in-depth profile of Cook, make sure to check out Adam Lashinsky's piece from Fortune a few years back.