Audience's new motion sensing chip lets your phone track longer, more detailed runs

Not been seduced by the quantified self movement yet? Well if it's ever going to happen, it'll be thanks to companies like Audience. More specifically, thanks to products like its new MQ100 motion processor. What does it do? Well the MQ100 allows for always-on motion tracking, similar to how its existing VoiceQ product enables mobile devices to "listen" for your voice commands, even when in standby. As the new sensor relieves the host device's main processor of these motion-sensing duties, it opens the door for constant activity tracking, without the battery drain -- similar to how Apple implemented its M7 motion sensor in the iPhone 5s. The MQ100 has an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetic and other "environmental" sensors at its disposal, which makes it ideal for fitness tracking, indoor mapping, and a whole host of other sensory, movement-related applications. The MQ100 will also be bundled into a more complete sensor package that uses all of Audience's mobile technology (it's eS700 range for those that need to know) which could mean a chip that listens for your commands, tracks movement all day, reduces wind noise in calls and more. Yup, your phone is about to get to know you and your walking/talking habits a whole lot better. Especially once it starts finding its way to the manufacturers' labs in the next few months.