Qualcomm cuts the price of its Toq smartwatch to $250

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Jon Fingas
February 24, 2014 5:49 PM
Qualcomm cuts the price of its Toq smartwatch to $250

As you may have noticed, the smartwatch space has been heating up -- not good news for Qualcomm, whose $350 Toq smartwatch has been one the more expensive wearables on the market. The company isn't sitting still, however, and has just revealed that it quietly dropped the Toq's price to $250 on February 21st. The chip designer didn't explain its move, although it's not hard to see the motivation when watches like the Pebble Steel sit at the same price level. Whether or not the discount helps Qualcomm's bottom line, those who couldn't justify the Toq before may want to give it a second look.

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