This wearable Sony concept will let you document your life with photos

Back at CES, Sony unveiled a curious wearable: the Core, a miniscule activity tracker made to slot into accessories, like its SmartBand. At the time, details surrounding this waterproof sensor were scarce, but here at Mobile World Congress, we've gotten more insight into how the tiny tracker fits within the One Sony world. And as you can see above, Sony's exploring ways to pair it with a camera you wear around your neck, so it's always ready to document your day. But, first, here's a little background on the Lifelog app that makes it tick.

The Core is effectively useless without Sony's Lifelog, a lifestyle-tracking app for Android the company demoed onstage at its presser and is planning to release to Google Play in March. Think of Lifelog as a curated Facebook feed for your life, but without much effort on your part. It records your locations, communications, physical activity and photos taken and places them in a graphed format, in addition to coaching you with set goals.

From what little we've been told about the Lifelog camera concept, it seems users would be able to pair it to a smartphone and then set specific triggers for photo capture, like times of the day or activities. So say you want to record the moments of your daily jog, this concept would handle that automatically and upload the shots to your personal feed. It's the sort of the stuff quantified selfers get all hot and bothered over -- you know, those ardent lifebloggers. But just because Sony's showing off this Lifelog camera concept, that doesn't mean we'll ever see it become a commercial reality. Sony may just be testing the consumer waters or simply showing off its idea of the possible road ahead.