WoW Insider's guide to Blizzard Twitter accounts

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WoW Insider's guide to Blizzard Twitter accounts
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More and more Blizzard developers are joining Twitter every day. It's a great thing for us fans, because they often see fit to post interesting tidbits about their work, many of which we probably wouldn't otherwise see. Unfortunately, Blizzard doesn't announce when one of their own hops on the Twitter bandwagon. Though other Blizzard folks do usually tweet about their newly-added colleagues, thanks to Twitter's ephemeral nature, if you happen to be away from your computer when it happens, you may go days or weeks blissfully unaware of all the fun you're missing.

In the spirit of prevention, WoW Insider has compiled a handy-dandy list of all the Blizzard Twitter folks we could find so that you don't have to miss any more of the good stuff. Check it out after the break, and make sure to update your Twitter lists!

Blizzard Executives:
  • @mikemorhaime: Mike Morhaime, Blizzard Entertainment Co-Founder
  • @Frank_Pearce: Frank Pearce, Chief Development Officer and Co-Founder
  • @ChrisMetzen: Chris Metzen, Blizzard Entertainment Senior Vice President, Story & Franchise Development
  • @FubarNick: Nick Carpenter, Blizzard Entertainment Vice President of Art & Cinematic Development
  • @Rob_Pardo: Rob Pardo, Chief Creative Officer
WoW Development Leads:
Dave Kosak
Blizzard Leads:
  • @Hordeland: Russell Brower, Senior Director of Audio
  • @MickyNeilson: Micky Neilson, Lead Story Developer
  • @Loreology: Sean Copeland, Historian
  • @Waughtang: James Waugh, Lead Writer, Franchise Development
  • @TSquaredgamr: Tom Thompson, Lead Software Engineer
  • @ww: Will Warnecke, Lead Software Engineer
  • @analogmad: Chris Kowalski, Senior Sound Designer
WoW Developers:
Blizzard Developers at Blizzcon
Blizzard Community Team: Blizzard Developers:
  • @Burnzerker: Matt Burns, Associate Story Developer
  • @Dave_Maldo: Dave Maldonado, Blizzard Game Designer
  • @Dreamagram: Thomas Johnsen, World of Warcraft and Hearthstone Project Manager
  • @nite_moogle: Russ Petersen, Reward Systems Designer
  • @Angryrobotics: Jay Wilson, Game Director
  • @mikemetcalf: Mike Metcalf, Senior Web Designer
  • @BrianKindregan: Brian Kindregan, Lead Writer, Diablo
  • @JustinGDye: Justin Dye, Writer, StarCraft II and Heroes of the Storm
  • @RoBrooks13: Robert Brooks, Writer and Story Developer
  • @candlesan: Wyatt Cheng, Senior Technical Game Designer
  • @joshmosq: Josh Mosqueira, Game Director, Diablo III
  • @DustinBrowder: Dustin Browder, Game Director, StarCraft II
  • @bdbrode: Ben Brode, Senior Game Designer, Hearthstone
  • @catalyst78: Yong Woo, Producer, Hearthstone
  • @Figluster: Derek Sakamoto, Senior UI Designer, Hearthstone
  • @TheLyns: Associate PR Manager, Hearthstone, and Licensing at Blizzard Entertainment
I'm sure there's some that I've missed, a ton of Blizzard folks have joined Twitter in the last few months. If you've got any to add to the list, please mention them in comments and I'll update the post as necessary. Otherwise, enjoy all your new Blizzard Twitter follow-ees!
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