Zombie card shooter Deadman's Cross checks off 1 million downloads

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Zombie card shooter Deadman's Cross checks off 1 million downloads

To celebrate the milestone of free-to-play mobile game Deadman's Cross being downloaded more than one million times, Square Enix is giving away extra in-game currency through February 28 to all players who download and register the game.

Deadman's Cross, which launched earlier this month, is a first-person shooter with card-based RPG elements set in the year 2030. Zombies have arisen and are doing what zombies do: snacking on us tasty humans. Players must navigate the abandoned streets of New Livingston (puns!) with only a high-powered rifle and a deck of cards in search of the apocalypse's cause.

Killing zombies (or "deadmen," as they're called in the game) adds them to your deck of cards, though the game is also supported by micro-transactions if your earned cards just aren't getting the job done. Deadman's Cross is the spiritual successor to Guardian Cross, a similar free-to-play card game where players capture and battle wild beasts.
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Special In-Game Giveaway Available Now for Players

LOS ANGELES (February 25, 2014) - Square Enix, Inc., the publisher of SQUARE ENIX® interactive entertainment products in the Americas, is thrilled to announce that its recently launched zombie-themed collectible card battle RPG, Deadman's Cross™, has surpassed the one million download mark worldwide.

To celebrate the milestone - and for a limited time (through February 28) - players who download and register the game will be treated to a special in-game giveaway of 300 Deadmans' Coins.

In Deadman's Cross - developed by the same team behind the multimillion-download hit Guardian Cross® - an unknown virus has devastated the world and left it overrun by the living dead. Players must hunt down these Deadmen to build their own undead horde to fight for both survival and entertainment. In addition, players must also take on jobs from other survivors to earn experience and resources in order to become the world's foremost Deadman hunter.

Cards in Deadman's Cross are collected through a novel hunting system. In the style of a fully 3D first-person shooter, players have the ability to gun down zombies wandering the city and add them to their morbid collection. From famous historical figures to people from all walks of life and animals from around the globe, the game features more than 100 unique cards with stunning artwork, with many more to come in the future.

Much like Guardian Cross, Deadman's Cross offers far more than strategic and in-depth card battles. Players must complete jobs for a host of colorful NPCs to reveal their unique storylines and unravel the secrets surrounding the cause of the zombie apocalypse. They must also team up with other players from around the world in an all-new Clan system, and together tackle missions with large-scale objectives. With all this and more, Deadman's Cross brings new life-after-death to the card game genre.

In June of 2030, a state of martial law was declared in the United States of America. But since then, both the government and media have fallen silent. All that can be heard from the confines of your apartment are the echoes of screams and gunfire. Obeying the federal order to remain indoors, you have passed the last three months alone in your home. Now, driven by survival and gripped by fear, you unbar the door and step out into the unknown.

To download Deadman's Cross, visit the game's app store pages here: iTunes and Google Play.

For more information on Deadman's Cross, visit: http://www.jp.square-enix.com/dc/en/

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