Vin Diesel confirms his presence on the list of WoW-playing actors

It seems that WoW is more popular among actors than one might imagine, as well-known actor and director Vin Diesel posted a video of himself and a friend gallivanting around pre-Cataclysm Tanaris. While it's not confirmed in the Facebook post itself, many are not unfairly assuming that the two characters are Vin himself, and the late Paul Walker.

We'd heard in the past about Vin Diesel being among the list of actors and general high-profile people who play, but this does rather seem like it might confirm our suspicions.

It makes sense, if you think about it, that actors might enjoy immersing themselves in a virtual world, where, to some extent at least, they're playing a role. Reading the most recent 15 Minutes of Fame, with actor Jake Stormoen, the discussion of escapism and a world to hang out in on long shoots in strange places, it makes even more sense. Every time a high-profile person tells the world about their love of WoW, it gets a little less stigmatized, a little more accepted. It's good news.