8 quests you might have skipped, but shouldn't

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8 quests you might have skipped, but shouldn't
Northshire quest giver
Right now in WoW is a time many of us know all too well: the pre-expansion lull. The last major content patch of Mists of Pandaria is out, and we're not going to see much new stuff until whenever 6.0 shows up on the horizon. Many of us are casting about looking for things to keep us occupied in the game until then--things such as finishing up old rep grinds, working on achievements, collecting mounts, and putting together the perfect transmog set.

Something else you might consider doing is going back and finishing up some old, low-level quests, even if you're not working on your Loremaster title. And why might you want to do this? Because some low-level quests are pretty dang fun, good for a laugh, and offer some interesting perspectives in terms of fleshing-out Azeroth's world. I've picked out eight low-level quests (or quest chains) that are a particular delight. I've tried to focus on those in some of the world's more overlooked areas, so as to highlight a few fun adventures you might have missed. Unless otherwise marked, all listed quests are available to both factions.

1. Quest chain in Felwood beginning with Do the Imp-Possible

In addition to having one of the most fun series of quest name titles in the game, this little hub in south-western Felwood also boasts the true gem "Open Their Eyes," in which you get to frighten demonic imps with rainbows and earn yourself an amusing trinket in the process. Easily one of my favorite Cataclysm-era quest additions to the game.

2. Quest chain in Felwood beginning with A Destiny of Flame and Sorrow (Alliance only) (Both factions)

The breadcrumb to this quest begins with Wanted: The Demon Hunter, which you get from Huntress Selura at Whisperwind Grove. Unfortunately, the quest is limited to Alliance players, which is a pity, because it delves into some of the history behind Illidan Stormrage. There are some really cool scenes that play out during this quest chain, so if you've got an Alliance character capable of completing it, I highly recommend it.

3. Quest chain in Azshara beginning with Azshara Blues (Horde only)

This is a long chain in the starter zone of Azshara that, unless you've leveled a goblin, you may very well have missed. It concerns the newly-elected Blue Dragon Aspect Kalecgos enlisting players to help him locate and protect Azuregos from the machinations of the Black Dragonflight. Along the way there are several achievements to be got, and an unusual love story between a dragon and a spirit healer. Also, Azuregos gives you a pretty sweet hat.

4. Quest chain in Thousand Needles beginning with Two-Tusk Takedown

There are two versions of this quest, one for Horde and one for Alliance. They're identical, but begin from different quest givers depending on your faction. Either way, this opener leads to a fun and cheeky attempt to revive a troll pirate you've just killed for his keys and, unfortunately for him, he has to rely on his ex-wife to get the job done.

5. The quest chain of Maximilian of Northshire in Un'Goro Crater

I've seen Maximilian referred to as "the best comedic relief in the game" and I heartily agree. His quests are stand-alone and open to both Alliance and Horde--all you need to do is find him at the Golakka Hot Springs in Un'Goro Crater and you're off. Maximilian himself is a wonderful pastiche of Don Quixote de la Mancha, and us players should be so honored to become his own Sancho Panza.
6. The Paladin Pals of Eastern Plaguelands

This series of quests begins with either "Into the Woods", from NPCs at The Mender's Stead in Western Plaguelands, or with the "Hero's Call/Warchief's Command" quests for the Eastern Plaguelands. Either way, you speak to a worgen NPC named Fiona just over the bridge by the Thondroril River and are off on one of the most fun and heartbreaking quest chains in all of WoW. The tales of Fiona and the Paladin Pals span the entirety of the zone, and there's even an achievement for doing them all to completion. If you haven't done this chain yet, my friends, you are missing out.

7. The Day that Deathwing Came quest chain in the Badlands

This is a pretty well-known series of quests that got a lot of attention in the Cataclysm beta and when that expansion first launched. It's been a few years now though, and if you started playing in Mists, or skipped Cataclysm, you may have missed out on this one. Like the Maximilian quests, there's no breadcrumb needed, just find Theldurin the Lost (an NPC with an illustrious WoW history) in southwestern Badlands and you're off. Whatever did really happen on the day that Deathwing came, the world may never know.

8. The quests of Kasim Sharim (for Alliance) or Bloodmage Lynnore (for Horde) in the Blasted Lands

These quests tell the tale of blood magic, demons, and demon hunters in the Blasted Lands. There's a lot of mystery surrounding them and each set of quests has a distinctly sinister vibe. As far as I can tell, the chains are pretty much identical for Horde and Alliance, despite coming from different NPCs, and represent some interesting and oft-overlooked pieces of lore (particularly blood magic). Oh, there's also a great transmog cloak as a reward, too!

So there are eight quest chains for you to check out if you're looking for some fun things to do between now and whenever we find out more about Warlords of Draenor. This list is far from exhaustive, of course, there are tons of fun things to do all over Azeroth. What are some of your favorite quests, and what makes you love them? Tell us all about it in the comments!
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