The Nokia X has already been hacked to load Google Apps, access the Play store

There's a theory that if you make Android look enough like Windows Phone, that users will grow accustomed to the interface, and when it comes time to upgrade, seek to scratch that tile-shaped itch. That's the view Steven Elop gave us in our recent interview at MWC at least. There is another theory: finally Nokia Android handsets are here, and no matter how you dress it up, users want all the apps that come with it -- not Nokia's curated store. Enter xda-developers, the forum that works tirelessly to bend wonky Android interpretations back into unmodified shape. This time it's user Kashamalaga who has figured out how to make the freshly minted Nokia X play nice with Google Apps, Google Now, and even the Play store. Could free and easy (no sideloading) access to the full gamut of Android apps actually work against Elop's "gateway drug" approach? It's hard to say. Though once again, the dev community provides an answer for those that play fast and loose with their OS loyalties.