Reddit wants you to decide who gets 10 percent of its ad revenue this year

Emily Price
E. Price|03.02.14

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This year Reddit is contributing more than memes to society, it's passing out cash. In a blog post today the site announced plans to donate 10 percent of its advertising revenue for the year to non-profits. At the end of the year, the site plans to open up a virtual suggestion box where users can nominate non-profits they think should receive the money. An election will then be held, and funds awarded to the top 10 non-profits selected by the Reddit community. Campaigning for your favorite organization will, of course, be allowed; however, stuffing the ballot box will not -- the site is currently working on ways to curb cheating and trolling (good luck with that), and reserves the right to take the power away from the people if things get out of hand.

[Image credit: Antonio Zugaldia]

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