Another HTC flagship leak reveals microSD slot, brushed metal finish (video)

Storage expansion went out of fashion over the last two years. Fortunate, then, for those of us wanting to take our music / audio book / photo collection everywhere, that HTC's upgraded One will see a return to microSD storage on its flagship series. Against trend, the new One also looks like it'll have an identical footprint to last year's model. In a lengthy video leak from GadgetReviews -- now down, but mirrored elsewhere -- we get to see that unibody build from a few more angles (including a closer look at that brushed finish) and catch some few software tweaks to the Blinkfeed news stream (another swipe to the left apparently opens up more options). However, what does that secondary camera actually do? We're getting increasingly impatient about that March 25th reveal date.

Update: That extra swipe on Blinkfeed was already there on the most recent HTC One software build.