Daily App: Squiggle Racer makes 8-bit car racing frustratingly fun

Squiggle Racer

Squiggle Racer is an 8-bit game that challenges you to race your car around a small circular track. The gameplay is simple -- use the two large buttons to control your steering and move that car around the track to complete laps. As you complete laps, you open up additional tracks.

Squiggle Racer may appear simplistic, but don't let those basic graphics fool you. The racing game takes a page from Flappy Bird and is surprisingly difficult, so difficult that you'll find yourself slamming your phone down in frustration and then picking it right back up again because you know you can complete the lap this time.

Squiggle Racer

It takes the right combination of button taps and hold to maneuver around each track. Don't give up if you can't get it on the first try, you will eventually figure it out. It's taken me about a week to unlock two tracks, and I'm close to finishing the third. If you'd rather not challenge yourself, you can unlock all the tracks and remove ads via an in-app purchase of US$0.99.

Squiggle Racer may be 8-bit, but it is a frustratingly fun car racing that's difficult to put down. If you enjoy that genre of throwback games, then it definitely worth a download. Squiggle Racer is available for free from the iOS App Store. There are small ads at the bottom that don't interfere with gameplay, and they can be removed via an in-app purchase.