Xbox One's pre-Titanfall multiplayer update goes live today: here's everything in it

We've already touched on what you could expect from the Xbox One's next update, but now it's here. Alongside those multiplayer improvements (easier invites, chat upgrades), Twitch TV live-streaming is here (though you won't be able to broadcast until the app is updated), as well as a new quiet mode to temper those notification pings. There's that 5.1 Dolby Digital support and SmartGlass improvements, while Bing and Google Map can both be handled through both gestures and controllers. We've listed all the updates after the break, and Microsoft's own Major Nelson has a full video tour of what's new, too -- or you can just grab the update yourself, right now. If you're on the Xbox One preview program, you're already running the latest version. Please stop smirking.

Improved Multiplayer & Party chat

Improved Friends List + Profile

Twitch TV live streaming support

Bringing out social in home

Miscellaneous shell improvements

Browser improvements

New Devices – Driver and Firmware updates

SmartGlass Improvements

Live TV

Improved Audio output support