Adobe's all-in-one photo app Revel arrives on Android

If one of the many, many photo apps on Android isn't doing it for you, Adobe's just added Revel to the fray. Though it's touting features like ease-of-use, automatic syncing, sharing and privacy for the app (which has been on iOS for quite a while), we actually found the built-in Photoshop Express-like features to be the best part. Those include scaling, rotation, brightness, contrast, filters and other handy adjustments, with a much simpler interface than Photoshop Express (thank goodness). If interested, you can upload all the photos and video you want for the first 30 days, then add 50 videos or photos a month for free after that. For unlimited storage, you'll pay $6 per month or $60 per year. A notable oversight is that Creative Cloud subscribers don't get free access, as it would let pros share their portfolios more easily. As far as the privacy, it'll probably take us quite a bit more time to get over some deep trust issues.