Livr is my most fav app 4va LOL im drunk (update: sober up, it's fake)

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Steve Dent
March 7, 2014 8:35 AM
Livr is my most fav app 4va LOL im drunk (update: sober up, it's fake)

If you've heard one too many gripes about your boozy postings, don't fret -- there'll soon be a like-minded social app for you. It's called "Livr," and you won't even be able to log in without a smartphone breathalyzer confirming you've tippled enough. In fact, the higher your BAC, the more app features are unlocked. Those include a crowdsourced "truth or dare" game and hotspot map that shows the location and sobriety of other users. You'll even be able to drunk-dial random Livr folks, simulating the types of encounters you'd normally have at a bar (sans the possibility of getting punched). After a questionable evening, whatever happens on Livr can stay on Livr, thanks to the "Blackout" button that deletes all evidence of your misdeeds. We're not sure if this is one of the best or worst ideas in recent memory, but in any case, prepare your actual liver -- the app will arrive to Android and iOS sometime in the spring.

Update: Gizmodo's knocked the beer goggles off our faces, revealing that Livr is almost certainly a hoax. We'd apologize for the misinformation, but we're going to blame this one on the alcohol -- we told you we were drunk.

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