Pennzoil and Nintendo bring Mario Kart to life at SXSW

Our friends at Engadget report that Pennzoil and Nintendo have partnered up for what the 8-year old inside us could only describe as "the coolest commercial ever, next to those Stretch Armstrong guys." The two companies have brought the Mario Kart franchise into the real world with modified karts on a specially-designed track at the SXSW festival.

Icons representing familiar in-game weapons like the banana peel and red shell (as well as a Pennzoil icon) are spread throughout a 1,000-foot long track, and grant bonuses when activated. The Pennzoil icon, for example, will speed up a driver's kart. The karts are representative of Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser who - hey, imagine that! - will be appearing in Mario Kart 8, due this May.

This might seem like a strange partnership, but hey, it's not the first time Nintendo has spread to the real world to cross-promote products. Besides, the Big N couldn't have found a more appropriate partner - Pennzoil is owned by Shell. Shell. Get it? Cuz it's Mario Kart.

*drops mic*

[Image: Nintendo]