Project Life battling toxins with cells, Oculus Rift support

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Project Life battling toxins with cells, Oculus Rift support
Twin-stick shooters aren't exactly a new concept, but offering a view from your in-game vehicle's pilot seat as an alternative from the common top-down perspective? That's different! Crimson Dragon developer Land Ho! Co., Ltd is letting players take on contaminants from the eyes of a cell in Project Life, a title planned for PC and iOS. While players are free to use the top-down view, Destructoid reports that the PC version will also support the Oculus Rift.

Progressing through Project Life involves clearing out purple toxins from the playing field, which allows your cell to travel through new spaces once they're brought into good health. Entries to Project Life's development blog from 2012 also note that a player's health is drained as they attack enemies, so existing twin-stick shooter habits of spewing bullets at all times might not work so well here.

A release window hasn't been shared for Project Life, but with how frequently classic games are being adapted to first-person perspectives for the VR headset, it's neat to see some original projects supporting it, too.
[Image: Land Ho Co.]
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