iOS 7.1 adds Auto HDR feature to the Camera app

Mel Martin
M. Martin|03.10.14

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Mel Martin
March 10, 2014 9:30 PM
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iOS 7.1 adds Auto HDR feature to the Camera app

Here's a little bonus that might sneak by you when you update to iOS 7.1. The Camera app has added an automatic function for HDR mode.

HDR, or high dynamic range imaging, takes multiple exposures to allow for accurate capture of very bright objects, like the sky, when the photo also has part of the field in deep shadow. HDR was added in iOS 4.1, and it has been really popular. But until now, HDR is either on or off.

IN iOS 7.1, with an iPhone 5s, the camera analyzes the scene to see if HDR will help the photo. If it comes back with 'yes', HDR mode is turned on. Otherwise it is off. You can still shoot manually, but the auto mode is a really good idea, because sometimes you don't want HDR, especially in flatter lighting circumstances. The camera can make an intelligent choice without you having to remember to change settings.

To access the feature, launch the Camera app and select the photo mode. At the top of your display you'll see 'HDR Auto'. Tap that and you'll see HDR Auto, HDR On, and HDR Off. Tap your preference and you are good to go. The settings will 'stick' when you close out the Camera app.

I don't think Apple's HDR is the best available for the iPhone, but it is pretty good. I'm a fan of Pro HDR and Fotor HDR to really push the camera for better images.

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