Panasonic's 4K-ready Lumix GH4 priced at $1,700, ships in late April

Panasonic promised it would deliver a GH mirrorless camera capable of recording 4K video for under $2,000, and now we know just how far under that is. The Lumix GH4 camera body and its 16MP CMOS Micro Four Thirds sensor will cost $1,700, while the optional YAGH pro audio/video interface unit is available for an extra $2,000. The pre-order listings on Panasonic's website currently show an estimated ship date of late April. confirms the same information from retailers like Adorama and B&H, which also have their pre-order buttons ready. Check out our hands-on impressions of the camera and Panasonic's own 4K demo reel if you need some convincing about how it will measure up to its predecessor, the GH3.