The World of Magic aims to take over for the Harry Potter MMO

The World of Magic

Last week, we heard news that the Harry Potter MMO was put on hold by Warner Bros. while they decided "if the production would be a good investment or not." But the development team at Bio-Hazard Entertainment decided to show WB what they're made of with a side project named The World of Magic.

TWoM doesn't look to be a direct Harry Potter game, but instead an MMO inspired by the IP. "We think that this MMO will be exactly what you guys wanted and more!" a dev blog states. "Our new site is will soon give you more info, images, videos, and options that will allow you to see how similar it will be to HP. It has broken our hearts that HP is on hold but maybe this gives us the opportunity to show WB that our new company can do it and not matter what obstacles get in our way, we can overcome them!"

While further details aren't available at this time, the project's new website already has 600 members and plenty of gallery images to get any Harry Potter fan excited.

[Thanks to Viturino for the tip!]