Watch us play Titanfall for Xbox One (poorly) right here! (update: and it's over!)

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Watch us play Titanfall for Xbox One (poorly) right here! (update: and it's over!)

Xbox One's first major release officially drops this week: Titanfall, from the folks who made Call of Duty into the 800-lb. gorilla it is today. Well, specifically, it launches tomorrow, but we've got it right now and thought you'd like a taste before deciding if it's your next thousand-hour addiction, so we're streaming it via Twitch just below the break. Though both Ben Gilbert (that's me!) and Tim Seppala are on the stream today, you'll have to settle for just Ben's audio as we try and figure out how to incorporate more editors into the mix. Technology is hard, folks.

And hey, this is our first stream, so let us know what you think in the comments: love it? hate it? what would you like to see? what don't you? Your input is appreciated! Now let's go shoot some robots.

Update: Sorry for the troubles, folks. With the Xbox One Twitch app still in beta, we're having some issues keeping a stream up and running. Bear with us!

Update 2: Okay folks, we're out! Again, please let us know how you feel about this concept in the comments/via email/on Twitter/etc.! Head below for the archived video, and thanks very much for joining us!

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