Nintendo eShop, Pokemon X/Y undergo extended maintenance this week

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Nintendo eShop, Pokemon X/Y undergo extended maintenance this week
Heads up, Poketrainers, Virtual Console addicts and Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies fashion mavens always purchasing new outfits for Phoenix Wright: You'll have to take a siesta on Thursday when the Nintendo eShop goes offline on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Not to worry! This is just an extended maintenance period to keep the works running.

From 1PM PST to 5PM PST on Thursday, March 13, the Nintendo eShop will be "intermittently unavailable" according to Nintendo. Pokemon X/Y will also go offline for maintenance on Monday, March 17 from 1PM PST to 5PM PST. Those planning to force tiny animal companions into mortal combat that afternoon may want to make alternative arrangements at a local pet store.

Maintenance on the eShop isn't unusual, especially on Thursdays, Nintendo's regular day for new digital releases. This maintenance period is a touch longer than usual, though, and comes exactly one month after the last Nintendo Direct. As the good folk at Nintendo Life note, Nintendo has a habit of running Nintendo Direct video announcements on a monthly basis. Rest assured that if there's a stealth Nintendo Direct, we'll have coverage for you, but until then it's best to simply adjust your Steel Diver: Sub Wars purchasing plans for the week.
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