NSA Director nominee wants every branch of the military to have a dedicated cyber attack force

It seems like President Obama was pretty serious about that cyber attack list he drew up last year -- his nominee candidate for NSA Director, Admiral Michael Rogers, just told the Senate that the military is building several new cyber combat units. Rogers, who is slated to both take over at the NSA and head the United States Cyber Command, spent several hours answering to the Senate Armed Services Committee this week, explaining his views on national security and his desire to be "as transparent as possible with the broader nation about what we're doing, and why." This included a detailed account of the need to create dedicated cyber attack divisions to supplement traditional ground, naval and air forces, which he says will help act as a deterrent to countries that see the United States as an easy target. "Clearly, Cyber will be an element of almost any crisis we're going to see in the future," he told the Senate. "It increasingly is becoming a norm."