Toshiba sticks to what it knows with new LED HDTV range

Toshiba's already spilled the beans on its 4K TV line-up for this year, and right on cue, it's just revealed the new range of 2014 LED sets that might interest us folk still clinging on to the regular HD era. The entry-level 3 series gains a number of new recruits, all with some smart TV features, baked-in WiFi and Freeview HD, in the UK at least. The L3 range is full HD, with 40- and 48-inch options, while the lone W3 model is a 32-inch, 1,366 x 768 affair. With the same resolution and screen sizes from 24 to 40 inches, the D3 series also have DVD players on board, and all of the above are slated for launch in the US and UK later this month.

The new L54 duo, available in 40- and 48-inch full HD flavors, include all the same features as the 3 series, with active-shutter 3D and 2D to 3D conversion, to boot. Making a step up to the L64 42- and 47-inch pair grants you Toshiba's more advanced "Cloud" smart TV platform, with DVR capabilities and WiDi support. You'll lose 3D credentials, but gain a bunch of buzzwords that speak of improved image and audio quality, as well as support for Toshiba's mobile apps. We reach the top end with the L74 series of 42-, 47- and 55-inch models. These have all the features of the L64 range, plus passive 3D and Toshiba's own CEVO picture and audio processing technology. All models in the L54, L64 and L74 crews are due to hit shelves during the second quarter.

Also arriving before July are a trio of speaker setups to complement your new set. There's a simple 40-watt sound bar, and two sound bar/subwoofer combos. The "Mini 3D Sound Bar II" is the smaller of the two, as the name suggests, with 90 watts of total power and Bluetooth/NFC alongside probably all the physical connectivity options you might need. Unlovingly named "SB3950M1," the bigger combo is much of the same, but with 150 watts of total power to make your eyes rattle just that little bit more.