Oculus VR, EA, Avegant and others join to form 'Immersive Technology Alliance'

Well, this is certainly a motley crew: a variety of companies in the virtual reality space are teaming up to create the "Immersive Technology Alliance." The group is an evolution of an earlier consortium, The Stereoscopic 3D Gaming Alliance -- apparently the world of 3D gaming no longer needs their support? Anyway, the renamed group includes major game players like EA as well as little teams like Technical Illusions (of CastAR fame), as well as the company most responsible for re-introducing VR, Oculus VR. The ITA list includes all the players you'd expect, but also has a few outliers in Epson and Panasonic; Sony isn't part of the ITA just yet, but that may change sooner than later. The group's first public appearance takes place next week at San Francisco's annual Game Developers Conference and we'll be on-hand to document the shindig. Also, to ask Panasonic what it's doing there. Head below for an example of immersive technology (an Engadget editor punching virtual sharks, obviously) and the full list of members (thus far).

  • Epson

  • Avegant

  • Oculus VR

  • GameFace Labs

  • Big Blue Bubble

  • I'm in VR

  • YEI Technology

  • EA

  • Jon Peddie Research


  • Crew Communicatons

  • TGC

  • HDMI

  • University of Ontario Institute of Technology

  • Next3D

  • DDD

  • Digital Extremes

  • Survios

  • Vrelia

  • Virtuix Omni

  • Nanoveu