Microsoft said to be waiving Windows Phone fees for some manufacturers

Rumors have been popping up lately that Microsoft's Windows Phone OS may become free to some companies to help them compete with Android devices. Now two unnamed Indian manufacturers, part of a group of new Windows Phone partners, have said that they are, in fact, getting WP8 at no charge. One told the Times of India that it's "not paying Microsoft a license fee" through a unique, specific agreement. Redmond wouldn't confirm that, however, saying only that "we have extensive programs to help our partners build great devices." Indian OEM Karbonn notably just launched a dual-boot Android/WP8 phone, though it hasn't admitted to receiving any largess. Either way, it would mark the first time Microsoft hasn't taken a fee for its mobile OS, even from Nokia. Until it clarifies things, though, it's best to take all this with a grain of salt -- even though it would give a more viable non-Android option to Microsoft in the developing world.