Introducing Das Tal, a PvP sandbox where players make the rules

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|03.14.14

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Introducing Das Tal, a PvP sandbox where players make the rules
das tal
If your fun's been stunted by a sad lack of free-for-all PvP sandboxes, then might we suggest you're not looking very hard? Let us give you a start in this direction, at least, as Fairytale Distillery announced its upcoming project, Das Tal.

Das Tal is a "fast-paced" sandbox that includes open PvP, full looting of players' corpses, a classless character system, and a constant struggle over resources and player settlements. Probably the most interesting aspect of this MMO is that each server will eventually reach a "climactic end event" and then restart, allowing players to vote on the rules and features for the next iteration.

Das Tal is on Steam Greenlight, is currently in the pre-production stage, and will most likely be doing a fundraising campaign at some point. We've got a teaser trailer for you with the creepiest voice-over ever after the break.

[Thanks to Skurvel for the tip!]

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