1979 Apple II ad goes biblical [Photo]

While Apple has launched a number of iconic ad campaigns over the years, some of the company's early ads from the 1970s are a little questionable. As a case in point, I recently came across this biblically-themed 1979 ad for the Apple II.

The ad below touts a contest which asks readers to answer the following question in a thousand words or less: "What in the name of Adam do people do with Apple Computers?"

If you read the fine print below, you'll note that contest winners were given a one-week all expense paid trip for two to Hawaii.

To enter, drop by your nearest Apple dealer and pick up an entry blank. Fill it out. Then write an article, in 1000 words or less, describing the unusual or interesting use you've found for your Apple.

Funny to think of a time when a dedicated Apple retail store seemed preposterous, not to mention a time when people had to physically go into a store to pick up an entry form for a contest.

Apple ii ad 1979

What's also interesting is that Apple today utilizes similarly themed ads. While it's of course discarded the peculiar homage to Adam and Eve, as well as user-driven contests, Apple's recent ad campaign for the iPad has honed in on the myriad of interesting things people are using Apple's tablet for.