Camelot Unchained gives a first look at the Viking Jotnar [Updated]

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|03.17.14

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Camelot Unchained gives a first look at the Viking Jotnar [Updated]
Camelot Unchained
A new producer's letter from Camelot Unchained's Tyler Rockwell is out today with a first look at one of the giant races of the game. The game posted a piece of concept art for its Viking Jotnar as well as an image of a creature found in The Depths dungeon.

Rockwell said that the team has a lot to do over the next month, including integrating a new game designer into the team, developing the Tuatha giant race, and vastly improving the internal testing client so that large-scale battles can happen. The game's scheduled to get Havok physics and collisions added in, allowing for jumping and projectiles to be included in the future.

[Update: Tipster Matthew let us know that CU also uploaded a new developer video. It's after the cut!]

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