Capcom reveals Decapre as fifth Ultra Street Fighter 4 newbie

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Capcom reveals Decapre as fifth Ultra Street Fighter 4 newbie

Capcom's long-teased fifth new character for Ultra Street Fighter 4 is a real doll - one of M. Bison's Dolls. Decapre is part of the grinning archvillain's Doll guard, and she's essentially a physical clone of former Bison Doll and now MI6 operative Cammy.

Unlike Cammy, Decapre sports a mask that hides a giant burn on her face, and she also uses claw techniques like one Senor Vega. According to the official blurb she offers "quick and elusive scramble moves as well as her psycho power infused attacks," while Capcom's Peter 'Combofiend' Rosas describes her moveset as "more offense than defense."

"A lot of her basic attacks are the same [as Cammy's]," Rosas explained to IGN, "much like how a lot of Ryu's attacks are the same as Evil Ryu's, and a lot of Oni's attacks are the same as Akuma's. There are a lot of similarities there. But what really differentiates them are the Ultras, the usage of the special moves, and some of their combos."

Decapre joins Rolento, Elena, Hugo, Poison, and the 39 returning combatants, and you'll be able to take them all for a spin in the summer. Capcom is releasing USF4 as an add-on for Super SF4 starting in June on Xbox 360 and PS3 (August on PC), but if you don't have Super SF4 you can join fight via an all-in-one package. That's due on all platforms in August.
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Here comes a new challenger! The long awaited and highly anticipated moment for Street Fighter fans has finally arrived, as Capcom has just unmasked the mysterious fifth and final new playable character in Ultra Street Fighter IV .

Making her first brief appearance in a Street Fighter game as a non-playable character in Street Fighter Alpha 3, where she was seen as one of M. Bison's Dolls, Decapre now joins the fight! Although a partial mask hides a giant burn mark located on this Russian beauty's face, challengers will be scarred by her quick and elusive scramble moves as well as her psycho power infused attacks, which allow her to share her pain with her opponents. Players can get their claws on Decapre and the rest of the all-star lineup in Ultra Street Fighter IV when the game begins releasing in June 2014.

A new trailer and new screens highlighting Decapre in Ultra Street Fighter IV are available now, so make sure to check out everything here!

In Ultra Street Fighter IV, Poison, Hugo, Elena, Rolento and Decapre join the fight, complete with new animations and their own unique play styles, bringing the final roster count to a massive 44 characters. Six new battle environments (including Pitstop 109, Cosmic Elevator, Half Pipe and more) provide a thrilling and colorful backdrop to the action. Direct fan feedback was gathered on all of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition's original 39 characters and core system mechanics in order to achieve the most balanced Street Fighter ever. In addition to the action-packed new content and the finely-tuned rebalanced gameplay, the new version features a host of new features and modes that are sure to test even the most well traveled world warrior.

Owners of Super Street Fighter IV or Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition will be able to download Ultra Street Fighter IV as a $14.99/€14.99 digital upgrade for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in early June 2014. The PC digital upgrade for $14.99/€14.99 and the PC full digital bundle for $29.99/€29.99 will both be available in August 2014. Also in August, PS3 and Xbox 360 users can purchase the retail versions of the game for $39.99/€39.99. PS3 users will also be able to download the full version of the game in August for $39.99/€39.99. Players who purchase the retail (PS3, Xbox 360) or full digital bundle (PS3, PC) will receive all previously released costumes for the series (a $40/€40 value), making this the definitive version of Street Fighter IV!
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