Dyson issues recall after bladeless heater starts a few 'contained' fires (update)

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Dyson issues recall after bladeless heater starts a few 'contained' fires (update)

As if a legal battle with Samsung wasn't bad enough, Dyson has to put out a fire within its own walls now. The company's issued a voluntary recall for the heater versions of its Air Multiplier fans because a few have short-circuited and caught alight, as spotted by Reuters. The entire sales run (around 1,000,000 units, as Dyson tells it) will be recalled after reports that four of them malfunctioned, resulting in "contained burning" inside the machines. For its part, the outfit says that there haven't been any instances of injury or property damage; it's simply being proactive to get this straightened out as soon as possible. How soon? Well, Dyson promises more info within 24 hours. We'll update this post as new details arrive.

Update: Dyson has apparently started the recall process abroad (including in Israel and the United Arab Emirates). After registering your product, the company will contact you to schedule delivery of a new unit and pickup of the old one. Perhaps best of all, the replacement heater comes with a two-year warranty on parts and labor.

Update 2: The company hasn't gotten the formal go-ahead for a recall in the US, but customers in the States can register at this site to get the ball rolling.

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