Google Drive goes to war with iCloud and Dropbox with insane price drop

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John-Michael Bond
March 17th, 2014
Google Drive goes to war with iCloud and Dropbox with insane price drop

Google has made it clear for years that they're determined to be the number one name in the cloud storage game, but with their latest price drop they're declaring war on their competitors. While iCloud gives 5 GB of storage for free to all Apple device owners, Google Drive's basic service has provided 15 GB for free since May of 2013. To meet that same 15 GB of storage an iCloud user would have to pay $20 a year.

Meanwhile under the new pricing Google announced this weekend for $1.99 a month ($24 dollars a year), just $4 more than 20GB of iCloud, Google Drive users get 100GB of storage. For $9.99 a month, or $120 a year, Drive users get 1 TB of cloud storage. A $100 a year of paid iCloud service meanwhile only nets iCloud users a total of 55 GB of total storage, and Dropbox users 100 GB. Currently Drive storage maxes out at 30 TB for $300 a month.

Paying users of Google Drive have already had their storage updated to reflect the new pricing structure, meaning there's extra space for your Drive, Mail, and Google+ photos. We get that Apple isn't as invested in the cloud storage game as Google -- the companies have different aims and goals -- but we hope this move motivates an expansion of iCloud's basic services. Apple is known for its innovations, but with basic free storage amounts that are a third of what the competition offers, Google is eating iCloud's lunch and giving it a swirly to top it all off.

Come on Cupertino -- It's time to update iCloud. Google shouldn't be kicking your butt like this.

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