Daily App: Dudeski is an arcade skiing adventure that you can't put down


Dudeski from Static Oceans is an 8-bit, arcade-style skiing game that captures the essence of other skiing games, but offers its own unique visual style and engaging gameplay. Dudeski is a barrel of fun that'll keep you pounding the slopes well into the summer months.

In the game, you play as a skier who is hurtling down Shred Lord Mountain as an avalanche follows him. Your goal is make it to the bottom before the pile of snow overtakes you. As you fly down the slope, you must ski through gates and avoid any obstacles in your path. It's critical that you hit each gate and avoid each obstacle because if you miss, you will slow down and the avalanche will threaten to overtake you. The app measures the distance you travel down the slope on each run. When you hit the end of the slope, you've completed that region and can move onto the next.


The game includes four mountain regions, and each run is different. You never ski the exact same slope twice, which makes the game challenging, since you can't memorize the track you need to ski. There are no in-app purchases, but there is an in-game currency of pinecones that you collect as you ski. These pinecones then can be used to unlock shortcuts and purchase gear to make your mountain runs easier. The terrain also is dotted with some friendly penguins, secret trails and trophies.

Unlike most games in this genre, Dudeski uses one-finger tap controls to point your skier left or right and two-finger taps to jump obstacles. This makes it easy to control your skier regardless of your position or movement. The app has plenty of content to keep you coming back and has a nice balance of difficulty. The gameplay is easy to understand, which means there is no learning curve to playing. The skiing, though, progressively gets harder, so you really have to work at mastering the game.

Dudeski is available for US$1.99 from the iOS App Store. It's a universal app and requires iOS 7.