Google Play Movies and Music All Access hit more countries around the world

Sounds like Google's been busy cutting international licensing deals, because the company's just expanded its Play Movies and Music services to a huge bunch of countries. Between the two, the latter touts the longer list, as the Play Movies & TV Android app has been updated to work in 37 new locations across the globe. These include the Netherlands, Venezuela and Rwanda, as you can see in the roster (that Android Police spotted on Google Play's support page) posted after the break. While residents in all these countries can watch movies they've bought or rented from Google, TV shows are still only limited to people living in the US, the UK, Australia and Japan.

On the other hand, folks from Sweden, Norway, Greece and Slovakia can now buy albums and tracks via Play Music. It comes with Google's All Access music streaming in tow, as the service continues its European journey after making a detour to Mexico. Slovakians only need to pay €4.49 ($7) a month after their 30-day trial expires, but Greeks have to pay €7.99 ($11) for a subscription. Swedes and Norwegians get the worst deal, though, as they have to pony up 79 Kroner ($15) a month. But hey, at least they're better off than our good friends in Canada, who are still waiting for All Access to arrive.

Google Play Movies is now available in these countries:

  1. Benin

  2. Bolivia

  3. Burkina Faso

  4. Cambodia

  5. Cape Verde

  6. Chile

  7. Colombia

  8. Costa Rica

  9. Denmark

  10. Dominican Republic

  11. Ecuador

  12. El Salvador

  13. Finland

  14. Gabon

  15. Guatemala

  16. Haiti

  17. Honduras

  18. Ivory Coast

  19. Luxembourg

  20. Mali

  21. Mauritius

  22. Namibia

  23. Netherlands

  24. Nicaragua

  25. Niger

  26. Norway

  27. Panama

  28. Paraguay

  29. Peru

  30. Portugal

  31. Rwanda

  32. Senegal

  33. Sweden

  34. Togo

  35. Uruguay

  36. Venezuela

  37. Zambia