Joystiq Streams: Infiltrating Infinite Crisis with Turbine, Inc. [Relive the stream!]

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Joystiq Streams: Infiltrating Infinite Crisis with Turbine, Inc. [Relive the stream!]

Up to now, options have been limited for those that want nothing more than to control lanes while also making Superman punch people in the face. With Infinite Crisis, Turbine Inc. and Warner Bros. Interactive have finally created an ideal way to satiate those particularly hungry fans of MOBAs and DC Comics. Infinite Crisis won't officially open for business until later this year, but Turbine has opened the doors on a beta version of the game this month and it's joining Joystiq Streams to show it off.

Ryan Bendar, lead game designer on Infinite Crisis, will square off against Joystiq's Sam Prell in the beta on Joystiq Streams today at 4PM EST on the Joystiq Twitch channel. Our champions will be testing the balance of heroes like Aquaman against villains like Harley Quinn in maps based on famous DC locales like Gotham and Coast City. Anthony John Agnello will be feeding your questions to the players alongside Adam Mersky, Turbine's Executive Director of Digital Communications.

Again, you can catch all the Infinite Crisis beta action on the Joystiq Twitch channel at 4PM EST, the very same time Joystiq Streams broadcasts every Tuesday and Thursday.

[Images: Turbine Inc. / Warner Bros. Interactive]

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