Sonos announces new controller apps for Mac and iOS

New iOS Controller App for Sonos devices

Sonos, the company that develops the popular self-named wireless music system, says it is giving the apps that control it from Macs and iOS devices a complete overhaul. According to the company, the apps have been:

"rebuilt from the ground up, this new UI not only looks great but gives our customers even faster access to ALL the music they listen to in their homes. One of the coolest features is universal search. Instead of having to look separately within each service to find music from artists you are interested in, one search shows all the places where an artist's work exists on the Sonos system."

Sonos products have been on the market for more than ten years, and the company is looking for these new apps to go the distance for the next decade. Sadly, the Android apps are in beta now while the updated iOS apps should appear this spring. Versions for the Mac are also on the way, with a new look and similar features.

Sonos has had an early advantage in providing wireless solutions for the home, but Apple has done well with AirPlay solutions, and recently Bose and NuVo have ventured into wireless whole-house music solutions among with many other manufacturers.