Burger King gets appy with new mobile payment product

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Burger King, the perennial Pepsi to McDonald's Coke, is technologizing with a mobile app. But before you get out the pitchforks and cry "diabetes! laziness! obesity!," it's important we mention that this app, set to launch in limited locations next month with a nationwide rollout shortly after, is not like Seamless. That is, you can't order Burger King for delivery -- not yet, anyway.

As Bloomberg reports, this Burger King mobile app comes by way of Tillster, a company dedicated to facilitating digital ordering for big name fast food clients like KFC, Subway and Pizza Hut. The app's more a virtual wallet than anything at this point, letting users pay for orders by adding funds to a virtual card. Although, the company has stated there's potential for new features to be added at a later date, like placing an order for pick-up (yes, really). As a mobile payment option, the BK app's not all that compelling of an idea, until you factor in the accessible nutritional information and coupon offers for discounted meals and items. You know, a little incentive for the young'uns that eat Burger King; a little something to make that value menu even cheaper, if that's even possible.

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