Camera deals of the week: 3.19.14

Billy Steele
B. Steele|03.19.14

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Camera deals of the week: 3.19.14

Now is as good a time as any to hone that photography hobby. What's that? You don't have a camera? Well then, a handful of discounted models await on the other side of the jump that could have you eager to dive in. There's a point-and-shoot, a retro design and a pair of pro-grade DSLRs to cover a range of snapshooting abilities.

If there are other photo wares you're after that we haven't included here -- join us and add them to your "Want" list. Every time there's a price cut in the future, you'll get an email alert!

Nikon D800 (body-only)

Price: $2,180
Regular Price: $2,800
Engadget Global Score: 88
Buy: Fumfie

The D800 made its debut back in 2012 and has been shooting crisp 36-megapixel images ever since. Our 90-day Price History tool indicates that the current going rate is equal to the three-month low for the DSLR that also packs HD video chops and snappy autofocus.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II (body-only)

Price: $2,000
Regular Price: $2,699
Engadget Global Score: 89
Buy: 42nd Street Photo

We don't usually like to include discontinued tech in these roundups. However, if you're willing to take a chance on a DSLR with some age on it, the EOS 5D Mark II is also seeing its lowest price in the last 90 days. The camera packs a full-frame, 21-megapixel sensor that's well-equipped to tackle low-light snapshots when the need arises.

Fujifilm X100S

Price: $940
Regular Price: $1,299
Engadget Global Score: 83
Buy: Fumfie

Prefer your photo hobby to sport a bit of retro flair? If so, Fuji knows a thing or two about classic styling, and its Fujifilm X100S is being sold at a three-month low price. It isn't just a pretty face either, as reviewers have noted image quality and robust features as key selling points.

Nikon Coolpix S9500

Price: $220
Regular Price: $230
Engadget Global Score: 81
Buy: Amazon

If you don't mind your point-and-shoot cloaked in red, the Coolpix S9500 is now marked at $130 below its original $350 asking price. Both WiFi and GPS features make the S9500 a solid travel companion when you don't have room to pack in a full DSLR and all of its requisite accessories.

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