Steve Jobs reference in forthcoming Captain America movie

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Steve Jobs reference in forthcoming Captain America movie

Captain America Marvel

Marvel has released the first 11 minutes of Captain America 2: Winter Soldier to get fans excited about the feature. There's lots of exciting action, as you'd expect, but also an amusing reference to Steve Jobs.

In the beginning of the clip, Steve Rogers is out for a jog when he comes across Sam Wilson. Now in the present day, Steve is keeping a list of things he ought to check out. Sam suggests he listen to Marvin Gaye's 1972 album, Trouble Man. When Steve pulls out a notebook to write that down, we briefly see the other items on his list (above):

  • I Love Lucy (television)
  • Moon Landing
  • Berlin Wall (Up & Down)
  • Steve Jobs (Apple)
  • Disco
  • Thai Food
  • Star Wars/Trek
  • Nirvana (Band)
  • Rocky (Rocky II?)

Seems the Captain intends to brush up on his Apple history. Also note that "Star Wars" has been crossed out. Someone must have warned him about the prequels.

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