Wowhead Profiler tool updated with talents, glyphs

Anne Stickney
A. Stickney|03.20.14

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Wowhead Profiler tool updated with talents, glyphs
The Wowhead Profiler tool has now been updated to list talents and glyphs for characters, both in main and secondary specs. This is in addition to the massive amounts of information it already provides -- mount and pet tracking, transmog information, quest information and much more. I have to admit I hadn't given the Profiler much of a look until today, and I'm shocked at what I've found.

Wowhead is known for its massive database of everything under the sun available to be found in World of Warcraft. Quests, achievements, items, NPCs, armor, pets, mounts, you name it -- if it exists in game, Wowhead has it listed. But the Profiler is a little different from Wowhead's usual style of database tracking. Players can look up their character, or other characters, and load them into the Profiler for an in-depth look at what that character has done, and what they've yet to accomplish. So how exactly is that useful? What makes the Profiler, in some cases, a better alternative than the armory?

The Profiler takes everything the Armory has to offer and takes it one gigantic leap further. Players attempting to complete the Loremaster achievement can easily see what quests they've already completed in game, and which they have yet to complete. Not only that, but it's all linked to Wowhead's quest system, which means you have easy access to all the information surrounding those quests you haven't quite finished yet -- where they're located, if there are any prerequisites, and how best to complete them.

Do you like the look of someone's transmog? If you look them up in the Profiler, it'll show you not just the gear that they currently have equipped, but what they're using to transmog their gear. The transmog list includes links to Wowhead's database of armor, so if you like a particular item, you can easily track down where to get your hands on it as well -- or even find an alternate version of the model using Wowhead's handy 'Same Model As' tab on armor items.

Interested in completing your recipe collection for various professions? The Profiler lists all unlearned recipes, with links on how to obtain them. Missing mounts or pets? You can find that on the Profiler as well. While the Talent pane is limited in its usefulness, its addition just helps round out what the Profiler has become -- an incredibly useful tool with far more scope than the Armory itself. Check out the Profiler over on Wowhead and give yourself a few minutes to poke around -- you'll be surprised at what you find.

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