Pocket previews article-saving on Android Wear smartwatches

Earlier this week, Google pulled back the curtain on its Android Wear platform, signaling its intentions to conquer wearables beyond Google Glass. Motorola and LG even announced their own smartwatches based on Google's software, indicating that the ball is already rolling. What's next, beside us getting these devices on our wrists? Seeing what cool features third-party developers will cook up, naturally. Pocket, the read-it-later service that works across devices, is showing off an early software development kit that lets you save links directly from your watch. Pocket's one of the first big companies to jump on board the Android Wear bandwagon, and its prototype takes smartwatch notifications one step beyond "glance and dismiss."

Pocket's SDK essentially lets you save notifications -- so if you get an ABC news alert, you can swipe and stash it for reading later. You won't be able to view saved links directly on your watch, though; the prototype is strictly for bookmarking articles and videos. Developers have the option to integrate Pocket's SDK into their own apps, and we imagine plenty of breaking-news apps, not to mention Twitter, will do so. Pocket for Android Wear is still in the early stages, but you'll have to wait until summer to get your hands on an Android Wear watch, anyway.