HTC One available today in the US, Verizon gets it in-store first

By now you probably know if you need HTC's shiny new One in your life -- now it all comes down to where and when you can nab it. Thanks to some wheeling and dealing, Verizon Wireless has a head start in the US: Online and in-store sales start today at 1 PM Eastern. AT&T and Sprint will kick off their online sales at that time too, but you can't waltz into one of their brick-and-mortar stores to find one until April 11th. As you might expect, the 16GB model will cost you $199, while the 32GB model comes in at $249... and if the thought of contracts makes you ill, you can buy one sans agreement for $649. The lone standout is T-Mobile, which won't sell the device until some time next month (we've reached out for clarification and will update this story as we learn more). Of course, everything above assumes you want your carrier's blessing. Don't forget: HTC will sell unlocked and developer versions for $649 on its website, and a $699 Play Edition version should hit the Google Play Store soon too.

Update: T-Mobille will start selling the new One in stores and online starting on April 11th as well. Expect to pay nothing up front, with recurring payments of $26.50 for 24 months.