NVIDIA Shield gets temporary price drop, soon to support remote PC gaming

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Sean Buckley
March 25th, 2014
NVIDIA Shield gets temporary price drop, soon to support remote PC gaming

The GameStream technology that powers the NVIDIA Shield's PC streaming feature is neat, but it has its limitations. Games can only be streamed from desktop PCs running specific GPUs, and only to devices connected to a local network. That's about to change: Pending an update in early April, Shield owners will be able to stream their PC games not only from GeForce GTX-equipped laptops, but over the internet as well. Remote streaming has its own limitations, of course -- NVIDIA recommends a minimum upload/download speed of 5 Mbps -- but the new GameStream beta will let gamers remotely wake up, log in to and play games from their home PC from any location with a stable WiFi connection. NVIDIA is also making it a little easier to stream unofficially supported PC titles, and will update its GeForce Experience desktop software with tools that will push any PC application to the Shield's GameStream list.

The spring update also adds Bluetooth keyboard and mouse support, as well as several tweaks to the Shield UI. Specifically, the TegraZone store will be getting categories (action, adventure, etc.) as well as a news section. Finally, NVIDIA will be selling the handheld at a $50 discount from now until the end of April. Already have one? Sit tight -- that update goes live on April 2nd.
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