Twitter update lets you tag people in pictures, attach multiple photos

If there's a social network out there that epitomizes the mentality of "slow and steady wins the race," it's Twitter. With the addition of photo tagging and multiple picture uploads, the company is continuing to chip away at the advantages its competitors (both real and perceived) enjoy. In 2014 alone, the mobile and desktop sites have received face lifts, it introduced video previews on mobile apps, added ads in the form of promoted users, introduced photo editing tools and experimented with everything from view counts to hiding @ replies and hashtags.

The two latest features focus squarely on pictures. For one, you'll now be able to tag people in the photos you upload. Sure you could always add their names to whatever text you appended before, but now you can tag up to 10 people without it counting against your 140 character count. Secondly, and this one will be rolling out more slowly, you'll soon be able to attach up to four photos to each tweet. When you upload multiple pictures a thumbnail collage will automatically be created and you can tap on it to swipe through the images in full size. That is hitting iOS devices first and coming soon to both Android and the website. Hit your respective app store now to get the appropriate update.