Carbon Dioxide leak kills Samsung factory worker

Korean news agency Yonhap News is reporting that a gas leak at a Samsung plant in southern Seoul has left one worker dead. A malfunction in the factory's fire extinguishing system released carbon dioxide after it mistakenly detected fire, asphyxiating a 52-year-old man working in the area. It's the latest in a string of accidents at Samsung facilities over the past 18 months, raising questions over the safety of Samsung's operations in South Korea. In January 2013, a major hydrofluoric acid leak at the company's main chip factory in the city of Hwaseong killed one worker and hospitalized four others, while three more were injured in a similar incident four months later. Samsung confirmed today's accident on its official website, adding that it will work to prevent similar incidents from happening again. Police are investigating the cause of the leak, but there's no word on whether Samsung will be punished more severely than the $1,000 fine and official warning it received from officials last year.