BlackBerry taking 'serious look' at bringing BBM to desktops

Remember when BlackBerry was hesitant to let BBM wander to other platforms? So do we, but now that the company has committed to cross-platform support by pushing its messaging service to ecosystems like iOS and Android (including the Nokia X series), it isn't stopping there. Recently we've heard that it's heading to Windows Phone in the coming months, and in an interview with Reuters BlackBerry CEO John Chen mentioned that his team is "taking a very serious look" at bringing the service to the desktop as well. Such a move would make it possible to start a conversation on your PC and finish it on your mobile -- or vice versa. It's a logical strategy for BBM, which enjoyed an uptick of 20 million new users when the service launched on iOS and Android, but has stayed stagnant at 85 million monthly active users in the past month. It's hard to say if the addition of desktop support will trigger new growth, but given the breadth of platform availability, it will at the very least give users more incentive to stick around.