Today in the App Store -- the best free apps, new apps and app updates

Here are some of the best free apps, app updates and new apps that have landed in the App Store recently. All app prices are USD and subject to change. Some deals may expire quickly, so grab them while you can. Also, check out our Daily Deals, with hand-picked sales on iOS and OS X apps as well as deals on accessories for Mac and iOS owners.

Apps Now Free

2 Days [iOS Universal; Now free, down from $0.99] 2 Days is a simple and effective to-do app for your iPhone and iPad. It comes with the simplicity of use.

ArtRage for iPhone [iPhone; Now free, down from $1.99] Express your artistic side with easy to use painting and drawing tools that work just like the real thing!

LVL CAM [iPhone; Now free, down from $0.99] LVL CAM is the only camera app for taking perfectly balanced and level shots on your iPhone.

Touchfit: GSP • The Complete Home Fitness Solution [iPhone; Now free, down from $6.99] Download Touchfit: GSP today and join the legions of others who have already achieved incredible results with the first home training program designed to adapt and evolve after every workout.

Tactical Soldier - Undead Rising [iOS Universal; Now free, down from $4.99]Tactical Soldier is a tactical squad level turn based game where you control a group of soldiers trying to uncover the dark secrets of an army research base invaded by zombies.

Man at Arms TD [iPad; Now free, down from $4.99] Man at Arms is the newest hit in TD strategy games! Play fast-paced action gaming with hundreds of units, then collect unique cards to increase the strength of your army!

Man at Arms Pocket Edition [iPhone; Now free, down from $1.99] Man at Arms is the newest hit in TD strategy games! Play fast-paced action gaming with hundreds of units, then collect unique cards to increase the strength of your army!

Carmageddon [iOS Universal; Now free, down from $0.99] Carmageddon is the original freeform driving sensation, where pedestrians (and cows!) equal points, and your opponents are a bunch of crazies in a twisted mix of automotive killing machines.

DRAWNIMAL [iOS Universal; Now free, down from $1.99] Our goal with Drawnimal was to expand your device by using simple tools like pen and paper. Apple's App of the Week.

NightSky HD [OS X; Now free, down from $2.99] NightSky is an action-puzzle game that offers an ambient gameplay experience unlike any other; cerebral challenges fill uniquely designed picturesque worlds.

Mr Stopwatch [OS X; Now free, down from $5.99] Mr. Stopwatch is Simple and Neat Stopwatch.

New and Notable Apps

Incredible Numbers by Professor Ian Stewart [iPad; $4.99] Bestselling author Professor Ian Stewart is your guide through Incredible Numbers. Numbers define the patterns of sunflowers; they bring pleasure through music; and they help us answer existential questions.

Star Wars: Assault Team [iOS Universal; Free] Assemble a powerful team of your favorite Star Wars™ heroes, and battle enemies and other players across the galaxy in STAR WARS™: ASSAULT TEAM.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier - The Official Game [iOS Universal; $2.99] Play as Captain America and lead your S.H.I.E.L.D. Strike Team as they struggle to contain a massive global attack by several nefarious criminal organizations.

Logline [OS X; $24.99] Logline is a screenplay editor that let's you write your screenplay, treatment and outline in one place.

WiFi Strength Indicator [OS X; Free] Provides a menu bar item that indicates the signal strength of your current WiFi connection.

Choir [OS X; Free] The official client for - Sound gives you ambient awareness without effort.

Updates you don't want to miss

OptimizeMe - Lifelogging [iPhone; $3.99] OptimizeMe helps you record your life to improve it. Version 2.0 brings the following changes:

  • Integration of M7 for automatic steps count

  • Integration of Weather Condition, Daily High and Moon Phase

  • Integration of Period Tracking for our female users

  • Autocomplete: OptimizeMe can automatically predict your daily activities in case you forget to record a day or two

  • Backup and Restore with Dropbox to secure your data or transfer it between different devices

  • More

Microsoft OneNote for iPad [iPad; Free] It's time to harness the immense potential of your thoughts and discoveries by taking a note in OneNote, your very own digital notebook. Version 2.2 brings the following changes:

  • Beautifully redesigned for iOS 7

  • Photos of whiteboards and documents are now auto-cropped and enhanced

  • Bug fixes

nPlayer [iOS Universal; $4.99] nPlayer provides high quality video play performance and easy control-UI supporting almost all kinds of video formats and codecs without file converting efforts. Version 2.6 brings the following changes:

  • Support for Bitcasa, Box, OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive)

  • Support built-in web browser that can download/stream contents

  • Fixed bugs

UpTo Calendar [iPhone; Free] Life goes beyond meetings and appointments. Your calendar should too. UpTo gives you a more complete view of everything coming up that matters to you - without the clutter. Version 3.0 is a complete overhaul of the app that adds the following features:

  • New, multi-layered calendar interface.

  • Pinch or tap to expand your calendar.

  • Hundreds of new calendars to follow, including TV show schedules, local concerts powered by StubHub and a series of curated calendars with popular events coming up 'This Week'.

  • Choose which layer your personal calendars appear on. Facebook events and birthdays can be on the back layer while your work calendar is on the front layer.

  • Integrated weather that shows the current and forecasted local weather by day.

  • Multiple calendar views. Slide the calendar up to transition from Week View to Day View or pull it down for Month View

  • Native meeting invites

  • Location look-up when adding new events

  • Privately share events with friends on UpTo, or share via email, text message, Facebook or Twitter.

  • Send email replies to meeting invites

  • And much more!

PicGIF [OS X; $4.99] PicGIF enables you to quickly create incredible animated GIFs from photos or short videos. Version 2.0 brings the following changes:

  • Add effects and adjustment features.

  • Support trimming video clip.

  • Add stickers.

  • Support managing overlays. Set start frame & end frame for overlays.

  • Add options for better quality export.

  • Share GIFs directly to Tumblr.

  • Add support for German, French, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

  • New UI.

  • Other minor bug fixes.

Lens Blur [OS X; $4.99] Transform your existing photo into true out-of-focus bokeh lens effect. Version 1.1 brings the following changes:

  • 3 real lens profiles of Canon and Nikon added; more lenses adding soon

  • Significant performance improvement

Treble Cat - Learn To Read [OS X; Free] Treble Cat is a highly entertaining game designed to help kids and adults learn how to quickly identify notes in the treble clef. Version 1.3 brings the following changes:

  • new practice level

Fotor Photo Editor [OS X; Free] People everywhere are getting their edit on with Fotor's solid photo editor for Mac. Version 2.0.0 brings the following changes:

  • New Batch Function for quickly editing multiple photos

  • Added Highlights, Shadow and Curves adjustments

  • More filters and special effects

  • Lots more Borders and Patterns to choose from

  • Added EXIF information when sharing photo to Flickr

  • Added more Freestyle Collage backgrounds

  • Better user interface to make it easier and more fun to use

  • Smoother operation and increased stability

  • Other bug fixes and minor improvements

MyFourWalls [OS X; $29.99] MyFourWalls is an easy-to-use home planning tool that lets you play with new design choices in an existing space or plan the entire interior of a new home. Version 1.0.2 adds the following features:

  • Print sheet redesigned

  • 3d view is printable now

  • Export sheet for pictures and pdfs added

  • Ceiling fans, New stairs and New office chairs added to furniture library

  • Several minor bugs fixed