Tameable hydras for hunters officially on the way?

Hunters may remember with some sadness the brief moment in time back in 2011 when hydra pets were datamined from the patch 4.1 PTR. Unfortunately, the pet never made it to live servers, leaving those with hopes of taming a three-headed beastie for their very own to wait until a later time. Apparently, that time is coming soon. Game Designer Jeremy Feasel tweeted the tantalizing image shown above yesterday, along with the following tweet.

Of course the hunter community has officially gone wild over the image. While we don't know exactly when they're going to be added, it seems as though hunters will finally be able to tame the tri-headed lizard of doom. Perhaps something we'll see in Warlords of Draenor? We don't know. But we do know that the above image was in fact a hunter with a tamed pet, and not a glorified Battle Pet due to the later exchange between Feasel and a hunter fan.

We can all get hyped now. I'm still planning on naming mine George III the second I manage to get my hands on him.