Here's a look at ThinkGeek's 2014 April Fools' products

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Those of you with the appropriate geek cred know the score by now. Every year on April 1st, ThinkGeek, purveyor of nerdy novelty delights, takes part in the "I fooled you, internets" game. But unlike other April Fools' pranksters, ThinkGeek's products have a shot at becoming more than just joke fodder; they sometimes become real. Okay, so maybe the spray-on facial hair power of Mr. Beard up there is a bit of a stretch. (But hey, once upon a time, so was the idea of spray-on tans.)

Join us after the break then for a whimsical walk through ThinkGeek's 2014 April Fools' lineup.

Travel back in time (to the '80s) and juice up your gadgets with the Flux Capacitor Car Charger (Lightning not required.)

The Tactical Necktie: redefining business casual for boardroom ninjas since 2014

Make every month Movember with Mr. Beard's spray-on staches.

Cheap beer + Das Can-in-Stein = the classy way to get your PBR on.

From the Mariah Carey for QVC champagne flute collection: the Unicorn Drinking Horn.

Drop this Nerf Nuke bomb and it's literally 'Game Over.'

The Enterprise Flying Disc: Boldly going wherever you throw it

True story: we went to Junior High with a kid who taught himself Klingon. This Rosetta Stone's for him.

The next best thing to casting spells with an Arch Mage wand is lighting them with LEDs.