Studio Pixel's Kero Blaster finally hops to it in May

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Goats are so last season and frogs are the new hotness: Kero Blaster, the long-delayed platformer from the maker of Cave Story, is coming to Windows PC and iOS on May 11. The game stars Kaeru, a bipdeal frog who looks a bit like Kermit, but unlike The Muppets star he's armed to the teeth* with some powerful-looking weaponry. More like Kermit, he's in interspecial love with his feline girlfriend, who he's running and gunning to rescue.

Studio Pixel AKA Daisuke Amaya originally intended to bring the game to iPhone last May, back when it was known as Gero Blaster. He delayed it to add some improvements, and in the interim it seems Japan-friendly distributor of indie games Playism got involved, and now there's a PC version on the way too. If you're interested in an early look at Kero Blaster, Playism says it's showcasing the game at next week's PAX East conference in Boston.
[Image: Playism]
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